Our Pipeline


As a drug discovery-based pharmaceutical company, our vision is to serve society by bringing revolutionary new products to patients around the world as soon as possible. Shionogi focuses our core research on infectious diseases, pain disorders, and other high-need areas—maladies that afflict millions of people throughout the world.

Serious infectious diseases are spreading with unprecedented speed in our interconnected world. Shionogi continues to discover leading drugs for these bacterial, fungal, and viral infections through our strengths in biomedical research and small molecule drug discovery. Our scientists and strategic partners are also researching therapies to treat multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases by taking part in the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund, a public-private partnership.

One of the central missions at Shionogi is to develop pharmaceutical products demonstrating reliable effects quickly and safely for severe pain, including non-opioid analgesics with new mechanisms of action to expand treatment options for chronic pain.

Our research into cutting-edge medical technologies enables Shionogi to help create platforms for discovery in new development areas. These high-need areas include obesity, geriatric metabolic disease, oncology, immunology, and the growing global health threat of Alzheimer’s disease.

To advance this innovation, Shionogi researchers pursue discovery through partnerships with leading universities and strategic alliances. By collaborating with world-class partners, Shionogi seeks to bring therapies to patients around the world who have limited or no treatment options for their serious, unmet medical needs.

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