Tailoring Strategic Partnerships

At Shionogi, innovation starts in our labs. Shionogi colleagues are also part of a creative matrix connecting our in-house scientific knowledge with the expertise of strategic partners at leading academic centers, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechs.

If we believe that partnerships can further our goal of delivering life-saving therapies to under-served patients, we often consider forming strategic alliances. We have a history of creatively designed collaborations that are tailored to the particular circumstances of the drugs involved. These alliances take several forms—research collaborations with institutions featuring overlapping interests and strong technology, early stage licensing of Shionogi-discovered programs that do not fit our strategy or require scientific expertise we do not possess, development partnerships, and commercial partnerships.

We also recognize that no company has a monopoly on innovation. In addition to drug candidates originating from our research labs, we continuously search for development programs at universities and other companies whose compounds have strong therapeutic potential and might be better developed and commercialized by Shionogi Inc. In all cases, our partnering efforts are driven by our determination to find the best path for bringing innovative therapies to patients with serious unmet medical needs.