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We place extraordinary value on achieving positive outcomes through the everyday connections we make with healthcare providers, patients and their families, customers, business partners, our community and our colleagues. This, together with our six corporate values, gives us an important distinction.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurialism is very much a part of our culture. A powerful entrepreneurial spirit keeps Shionogi teams innovative, forward-thinking and results-driven. We encourage creative and innovative thinking that is supported by analytical rigor and adheres to the highest ethical standards.


We have a significant emphasis on communication and inclusive, cross-functional teamwork at Shionogi Inc. We welcome ambitious people with big ideas and the skills to bring them to fruition. We are nimble, yet have a solid, well-established and venerable foundation.

Colleague Recognition

At Shionogi Inc., we believe in the power of peer-to-peer recognition and support. We encourage colleagues to recognize and acknowledge the efforts of others. Support of this type not only reflects our corporate values, but also has been shown in studies to result in enhanced productivity in the workplace. 1


  1. (James Harter, Frank Schmidt and Corey Keyes, "Well-Being in the Workplace and its Relationship to Business Outcomes," 2010 as reported in the Journal of the American Psychological Association)