Company Overview

Since its inception in 1878, when Gisaburo Shiono founded a drug wholesaling business in Osaka, Shionogi & Co. Ltd. has lived its goal of constantly striving to supply the best possible medicine to protect the health and well-being of the patients we serve. In 2010, Shionogi Inc. was established to carry on that mission in the US.

Our logo, the Fundoh (pronounced “foon-doh”), is a Japanese symbol of the scale weight in dispensing products. This selection reflects our commitment to operational excellence and accuracy.

We live by six primary values:

Respect for each other
Commitment to operational excellence
An entrepreneurial spirit
Organizational alignment

These values are the foundation of our culture and ensure a spirit of innovation, inclusion and dedication to achieving extraordinary results.

Inclusion and collaboration are central to who we are and how we work. Our science program includes an ever-expanding list of countries. By inviting innovative and world-class ideas, we believe that, together, we can create the highest quality pharmaceuticals. This philosophy is behind Shionogi’s development of major global brands such as cholesterol-lowering medication, Crestor® (rosuvastatin calcium). A commitment to succeeding together is part of our everyday at Shionogi Inc. and contributes to successful relationships and partnerships in business, in a physician’s office, in the workplace and in life.

Shionogi Inc. combines the entrepreneurial spirit and commercial nimbleness of a specialty pharmaceutical company with the expertise and stability of an established global company. It is the best of both worlds in value and excellence.

Crestor® is licensed from Shionogi & Co., Ltd, Osaka Japan.
Crestor is a registered trademark of Astrazeneca group of companies.